Vibrační válce

Vibrační válce


Prices are set individually, according to specific needs. If you are interested, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for equipment rental and additional services. For long-term machine rental, prices are discounted. We can request a refundable deposit from CZK 10,000 to CZK 30,000 for rented machines.

  • Each machine is rented with one bucket as standard.
  • The multi-purpose bucket is equipped with tilting forks.
  • Accessories can only be rented in conjunction with the machine.
  • The wear of the hydraulic hammer cut will be included in the rental rate. Rental rates are without VAT.

Technické informace

Typ Hmot. Pracovní šíře
Bomag BMP - příkopový 1,5t 85cm
Weber TRC86 - příkopový 1,5t 85cm
Bomag BW80 1,6t 100cm
Bomag BW100 2,4t 100cm
Bomag BW120 2,6t 120cm
CAT CB-224E 2,6t 120cm
Bomag BW135 3,6t 130cm
CAT CB-34L 4,0t 130cm
Bomag BW177 7,5t 170cm
CAT CS-563D 12,1t 213cm
Hamm 3412 12,3t 214cm
Bomag BW213 13t 220cm
CAT CS74B 15,7t 214cm
Hamm 3520 21t 298cm