Strojní demolice

Strojní demolice


Prices are set individually, according to specific needs. If you are interested, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for equipment rental and additional services. For long-term machine rental, prices are discounted. We can request a refundable deposit from CZK 10,000 to CZK 30,000 for rented machines.

  • Each machine is rented with one bucket as standard.
  • The multi-purpose bucket is equipped with tilting forks.
  • Accessories can only be rented in conjunction with the machine.
  • The wear of the hydraulic hammer cut will be included in the rental rate. Rental rates are without VAT.

Technické informace

Typ Hmot. Max. dosah
CAT 330B Ultra High Demol. 37t 21,0m
Cat 350L Ultra High Demol. 59t 24,5m

Příslušenství pro demoliční stroje

Typ Hmotnost Použitelnost
Hydraul. nůžky CAT MP15 1,85t do 24t
Hydraul. nůžky CAT MP20 2,65t do 35t
Hydraul. nůžky CAT MP30 3,60t do 45t
Vydrc. nůžky betonu VHP30 1,70t do 25t
Demoliční drapák VRG 20 0,94t do 20t
Demoliční drapák VRG 40 1,80t do 35t
Hydraul. teleskop s čelistí 1,50t dosah 4-8 m